28 9 / 2014

The emotional Walk to End Alzheimer’s #ENDALZ


My parents and paternal grandparents


I don’t remember much about my paternal grandmother, Abuela Julin. I’ve been told she, along with my maternal grandmother, was almost my namesake, but having been only 7 or younger the last time I saw her, I don’t have any memories of her. Her maiden name was Julia León, which yes, made her married name Julia Juliá. I’m told I resemble her. I wish I’d had…

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09 7 / 2014


One Friday last year, near the end of the work day, I was sitting at my desk fixing my makeup when my office mate walked in catching me mid-lipstick application.

“Where are you going?”

“Meeting up with this guy.”

“A date?”

“Oh no! I don’t think it’s a date. More business, I think.”

“Then why are you putting on lipstick?’

“Ok, well, I’m actually not sure what it is. We were going to meet for…

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08 7 / 2014

A year in the growth!

The last time that artificial hair color (aside from some pink spray on stuff I used for an event) touched my hair was June of 2013. Sooo…. it’s been a year!

I’ve been meaning to write a little something about it. To commemorate the anniversary seemed only right after spending so much of my writing time during the last year focused on this topic. But then it didn’t seem right. I haven’t written…

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07 5 / 2014

Summer Book Camp: A diet from TV #SummerBookCamp


I have a confession…

I haven’t read an entire book in a long time. A long, long time. So long in fact, that I’ll keep the exact amount of time to myself, for now.

As a child, I was a voracious reader. If it wasn’t a school day, I’d grab a book as soon as I awoke and be finished and started with another by bedtime. I’m not quite sure when I lost that thirst for the written word, but I did and no…

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16 4 / 2014

31 3 / 2014

MY Chicago: The Great American City [video] #Chicago #Video

Still from Chicago: Greatest American City

I LOVE Chicago. I’ve lived in Puerto Rico, in New York, and in Utah, but Chicago will always be home.

You don’t have to love this city like I do to love this video, but if you do your pride will swell.

Still from Chicago: Greatest American City

Still from Chicago: The Great American City

“Chicago: A city that talks the talk of the American dream, without having to shout it. It is, as a city, what happens when you get down to the truth…

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31 3 / 2014


I have an ex who became a friend. Years later, we still hang out on a regular basis and on occasion, the question of “Why didn’t we work out?” comes up in our conversation.single

His reason? I’m too independent. My reason? His issue with my independence.

He says that he prefers a more submissive woman, and I’m not it. I can’t disagree. Submissive is never going to be a word that describes me. The only…

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26 3 / 2014

Happy Blogiversary to me! Eight years and counting…


My blog turned 8 sometime between February and March!

Funny story…

Last week someone on Facebook posted that they were having a blogi8sversary. “How cool! I thought to myself.  Why wasn’t I on top of this? Not only had I never thought about celebrating my own blog’s anniversary, but I had no idea how many years it had been or during which month that celebration would fall. So I immediately looked…

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17 3 / 2014


*This blog post was originally published on a Myspace blog in 2007 and is the first post on Moments in My Head in Februay 2008

As I walked towards my car this morning my face dropped and my mouth opened in complete disbelief. The little delinquents who have been vandalizing the empty townhomes and cars in my neighborhood had tagged my car. There it was, graffiti that I can only assume is gang…

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21 2 / 2014

5 tips for growing out gray hair #revolutiongray #silversisters


A few weeks ago a friend and I were walking towards a club when the bouncer of another place said, “Cool hair.” I said thanks, and we continued walking only to find out the friends we were meeting were at the place where the bouncer had just commented on my hair. When we got to the door, he checked my friend’s ID and as she started to walk past him, I pointed the top of my head and said, “I’m…

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